About Me

Hello, I’m Chris Connick

One of my hobbies is metal detecting.

Back in 2016, I was searching the beaches and shallows in Barbados, when my metal detector revealed a beautiful 10ct gold-and-diamond men’s ring hidden in the sand.

The ring was engraved with three initials, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the guy who’d lost it, and how valuable it must have been to him.

Maybe he was a broken-hearted honeymooner. Maybe he inherited the ring from his father. Maybe it was a gift from his mother, wife or children – who knows? But still a sad loss.

I would love to reunite this ring with its owner. I’ve tried everything I could think of – but I haven’t had any luck.

So I started wondering, “If only there was some kind of website…”

It was a lightbulb moment!

And that’s why I founded The Jewellery Register.

We provide peace of mind by registering your jewellery, and work to reunite lost or stolen items with their owners.

P.S. My day job includes installing CCTV. Customers often fit it soon after a burglary, and tell me they wish they’d done it sooner. TJR offers the same kind of reassurance – so don’t leave it too late to register your jewellery!